Artist's Liberation Front Fair

The Artist Liberation Front sponsored a crafts fair in the Pan Handle of Golden Gate Park Early Summer 1966 that attracted artists artisans poets and people from the neighborhood who had come to party. The film starts before the stills shown here with the Straight Theater Crew emerging from under the old Haight Theater Marquee walking up Haight St., jump starting the 30's LaSalle and riding down the Haight to the Park to join the festivities in progress while passing out an opening announcement. reprinted from a poets magazine. The stills begin with Richard Brautigan poet shown with long bright hair, Ed Bullens Poet and Director of Black Arts West shown with Toby Taurus, Poets Mike Swartz and Jim Hannon arm and arm, several shots of Booths, and the crowd, Bill Resner talking to Max and me, and concludes with Poet President Jim Wilson shown in front of the opening poster.