On The Haight

On Haight Street you could see practically anyone hanging out. Bill Resner Co manager of the Straight Theater with Brent Dangerfield Sound engineer extrodinare (6/30/44 - 5/8/98) under the marquee, I'm shown at the Chan and Chan Herb Company, Bobby Snowfox Beausoleil in top hat, Hillel Resner, Brent Dangerfield, Caitlin Huggins and Steve White in front of the I & Thou Coffeehouse, The Psychedelic Shop Close up and from across Haight Street, The lovely Samantha who changed her name to Erica, street scene, and a close-up of Bobby during his musician days on the Haight , the last is of Bob White Hip Independent Proprietor of the smoke shop at Haight and Masonic.