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Smudge Sticks
Smudge Sticks:
Hand gathered from our own plants and hand tied. We make these in the fall when the desert sage is in bloom, and sell them until they are all gone. Limited quantities are still on hand, from 2000’s harvest.
Available in Desert Sage alone and Desert Sage with Cedar.
Grandmother: Averages 22” long, 7” in circumference and 4 ounces. $15.00
Mother: Averages 18” long, 5” in circumference and 2 ½ ounces. $9.99
Home use: Averages 12” long, 4 ½ in circumference and 1¼ ounces. $7.77
Bagged Blends: Our bagged blends are original and unique. We make them by chopping the desert sage and cedar finely and mixing it with other ingredients. The desert sage has several wonderful properties: it holds the other ingredients together in the blend, it allows itself to be formed into a cone with the fingers, and it has the property of burning without going out, so charcoal tablets or other burning agents are not needed. A rounded teaspoon sized pinch, shaped into a cone, will burn for about 20 minutes. Available in cloth bag with drawstring top.  20 grams. $4.00

Desert Blessing: desert sage, cedar, lavender
Mother Blessing: desert sage, cedar, lavender, copal
Wisdom’s Blessing: desert sage, cedar, pine, rosemary, lavender, copal
Campfire Blessing: desert sage, cedar, pine
Mountain Blessing: desert sage, cedar and white sage
Buffalo Blessing: desert sage, cedar, sweetgrass

Ingredient list:

Desert Sage:  Artemisia Tridentata (above) is not a true sage, it is a mugwort. It is commonly called "Big Sage" or "sage brush". Artemisia has medicinal uses, but it is currently most favored for making smudge sticks. It grows prolifically in several Western states, particularly on the eastern slope of the mountains behind San Diego, all over Nevada, and in the Arizona plateau country.  Near Tucson, it grows on all sides of Mt. Lemmon above 5,000 feet.  It also grows well as a cultivated plant in Tucson.

Cedar: We use the easily shredded bark of cedar trees in our blends, because it doesn’t snap and pop when it burns and it smells divine.  We grind cedar into sawdust sized particles for the Desert Blessing blends.
Lavender: We use lavender flowers from many sources including homegrown and imported.

Copal: Copal is a special high grade resin similar to frankincense and myrrh. It has an especially beautiful aroma when it burns, one which tends to lift the soul.  We get ours from Mexico, where it was hand gathered by traditional methods.

Pine: we use ground pine needles from trees in our yards.

White sage: This is a true sage, xxx traditionally burned to clear out bad smells and vibes. Ours comes from cultivated fields, where it is grown and picked in a traditional, sacred way.

Sweetgrass: Hier Odorata is another traditional blessing herb which comes in braids. We get ours from the northern plains, where it is hand gathered and braided in a traditional way.

Featuring individually chosen crystals, personally hand gathered from the Ouachita mountain range in Arkansas and hand wrapped with brass or silver wire, by the Bone Crone.

“LAYLA”:A knotted necklace with semi-precious stone beads and a 4-30 gram crystal: 
Available in 
16” with 6 stone beads - $16.00 
18” with 8 stone beads - $18.00 
24” with 10 stone beads - $20.00

Choose Your Own Beads for the “Layla” by Blessing Attributes:
Adventurine Prosperity
Pink Quartz Love
Clear Quartz Leadership
Hematite  Happiness
Onyx Character
Jasper Harmony
Tiger's Eye Courage
Goldstone Positivity
Mother of Pearl Abundance

Maia “MAIA”:  A  6 strand macramé with a gently curving design, two sizes of beads, and a Ouachita crystal bangle. 
15” with up to 10 gram crystal. Shown in lavender, blue….
24” with up to 28 gram crystal. Shown in lavender, blue, black

13" - 15" - No crystal - $19.00
15" with up to 10 gram crystal. Shown in lavender, blue. $29.00
24" with up to 28 gram crystal. Shown in lavender, blue, black. $35.00

Catalina “CATALINA”:  A  3 strand, single color, macramé choker with a double row of  glittery beads.
Available in a variety of macramé thread colors and beads. $24.00
Lavender thread with purple iridescent beads and a small wrapped Ouachita crystal. $29.00
Zoe “ZOE”:  A  5 strand macramé with a gently curving design and beaded scallops along the edges.
Shown: Chokers in various colors. $19.00.
Available in longer lengths, many colors, and with added bangles. Up to  $39.00
Star Love Beads Your horoscope made into a colorful 60's style necklace of cut glass beads with individualized beads for each of your major Planets.
#8 medium bead size, 18" long, for $90.00, or as shown, in size #12 beads for  $140.00
We need your date, time, and place of birth so we can calculate your horoscope to make this very personalized necklace.
Deerskin Blessing Bags Leila Megan's magical, multicultural youth brought her many gifts, including the gift of making these bags with her wonderful deer antler awl, a gift she has exercised for over 30 years.
Left: Single Sided Fringe. Approximately 4" X 5" including fringe. $34.00
Right: Full Fringe. Approximately 6" X 6" including fringe. $39.00
Also available without fringe (not pictured). $24.00
All Blessing Bags come with a deerskin cord so you can wear it, a packet of 4 seed beads in colors to represent fire, earth, air, and water, and north, south, east and west, a small colorful parrot fluff feather, and a packet of our special handmade Desert Blessing incense.

Personalizing Your Blessing Bag
The bags should contain items that serve as symbols of your connection to the universe: Seed beads can represent the 4 directions and the four elements. A small feather to represent freedom. A crystal to bring focus to your prayers. Power beads and special found objects can be added to represent blessings. The outside of the bag is fun to decorate with your own meaningful objects and beads, such as are shown in the photograph. It is strongly recommended that you smudge items for your bag with sage, cedar and or copal, before you put them in it. You should do this regardless of the source of your items. Once the bag is closed, it should only be opened to add something. The contents are personal.

Special Treats for Blessing Bags
When you order a blessing bag, you may also order blessing beads (see inset above for their meanings) and/or crystals that we dug ourselves in Hot Springs, Arkansas, to put in your bag.
For the outside: We have German silver beads from Algeria, and pony beads in many colors. We also have a collection of bangles including fish, hearts, turtles, snakes, suns and moons, mostly in silver.

Deerskin Purses The Classic Fringed Bag (shown in white. This one approximately 10" x 12" not including fringe.) 
The Haight (not shown) A funky style bag made from deerskin pieces, crazy quilted together, with all the natural flaws, asymmetrically fringed here > and there. Each bag is unique, and the style is pure Leila Megan.
All custom clothing prices vary

All custom clothing prices vary  Leila Megan loves to craft leather clothing and has created her own unique, funky, and instantly recognizable style. She incorporates the shape of the leather itself  - with all its flaws and holes - into her designs, so they are always slightly asymmetrical. She constructs them into comfortable shapes with her dangerously sharp deer antler awl, sinew, handmade strips of deerskin, and Barge leather glue. She fringes tabs that hang down, or paints on them.
Full length jacket - frontFull length jacket -back
Front                   Back
Full length Jacket - Hand sewn with Leila Megan’s famous deer antler awl, each jacket is uniquely styled to incorporate the shape of the leather. This one has a wolf painted on the front, and a mystical painting on the back, both collaboration art by Leila Megan and sister Caitlin. It also has a smallish fringed bag with a wolf paw print painted on it.(not shown)
Hip Length Jacket Hip Length Jacket - This one is has several shades of buttery deerskin. It was pieced and sewn to incorporate the natural shape of the leather. It has a turtle on the front and a Quetzalcoatl painted on a tab that hangs down to the side.
Culottes Culottes - These culottes were made for the 1998 Tucson Rodeo Parade, and were worn with the short jacket shown above.
Some of Leila Megan’s deerskin and turquoise wristbands are also on the culottes.

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