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The Straight on The Haight 1966 - 1969
1966 -1969

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The "Straight on the Haight" by Reg E. Williams is the true story of the people who renovated a vaudeville movie theater in the middle of the Haight Ashbury during the Psychedelic 60's. This multimedia environmental theater of light became known as the Straight Theater. Here at the crossroads of Haight and Cole the Grateful Dead, Janis, Big Brother, Country Joe, Santana and many other famous and infamous characters made history looking for the Aquarian Age.
Reg E. Williams with posters
Photo by Jim Phillips
The "Celebration of the Psychedelic 60's " is a continuing series of multimedia shows inaugurated recently in San Francisco where it Featured: Big Brother and the Holding Company with Melissa Etheridge as Janis, Neil Cassidy at the Straight -A Live Tribute by Reg E, Ram Das spoke about Dick Alpert, Nicky Scully & Tribal Alchemy, It's a Beautiful Day Originals , Gene Anthony's Summer of Love, The Farm's Steve Gaskin recalling The Monday Night Class, films and audio of Neil Cassidy, Ken Kesey and the Pranksters, Lisa Laws "Flashing on the 60's", Snooky Flower's Kosmic Flashback Band, the Vagabond poet Tony Selden and a Moby Grape Reunion all with giant light shows. Reg E Williams Director of All Media Service, providing production management and promotion to the entertainment trade has worked on stage, screen and television for over 25 years. He obtained his Degree in US History from San Francisco State University. Besides the unpublished manuscript, "The Straight on the Haight", his writings include a comprehensive technical manual for stage hands, the script for "Dance Probe", a seven part series shown on PBS, a magazine article on the art of the Straight Theater for "OFFtheWALLTM", and "Rock and Roll Hotel", Motley Crue backstage for Performance Magazine and several screenplays. He has an enormous collection of memorabilia from his Haight Ashbury days, which he used to reconstruct a computer-based calendar to provide a historical portrait of the times. Reg knows more people than anyone else I know" says Hillel Resner of Mix Magazine.

The highlights from the original Manuscript "The Straight on the Haight" cover the background that led to the establishment of the Straight Theater. OFFtheWALLTM  Magazine article covering the Straight's posters & artists and their contribution to the world's art. The Straight Theater Graphics booklet chronicling and illustrating the graphic art and 10/666, a booklet of my Haight Ashbury movies  are also available by ordering from the Goods page. View selected stills & reprints from the era taken from my films of Haight Street, the Diggers, the Human Be-in, 10/666 the Day they made Acid illegal celebration in the Panhandle, the riots, the Congress of Wonders at Sky River Rock and others are transferred onto VHS Video. 

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